What Sets Metal Roofing Apart

Your choice of roofing material is important as it determines how well it can protect your home from the elements. Among the roofing options available on today’s market, metal roofing from Smith and Ramirez makes an ideal choice. Let us discuss why: Read more

Common Reasons Home Improvement Projects Get Delayed

Any home improvement project can experience delays, whether it’s a simple roof repair or residential roofing replacement project. This can be troublesome, especially if you’ve taken the necessary steps to avoid them. At Smith and Ramirez, we understand how problematic this can be and as such, we try to find ways to ease the ordeal. Read more

Protecting Your Investment Through Golden Pledge® Warranty

You probably know how costly and time-consuming roof replacement can be. That’s why you need to make sure your replacement roofing system comes with a solid, extensive warranty. This way, you can enjoy a newer, sturdier roof without the risk of premature failure. For this, you’ll need to turn to a reliable roofing contractor in El Paso, TX, like Smith and Ramirez Roofing. Read more

How to Make Your Roof Last as Long as Possible

Curb appeal, protection from the elements, and lasting performance are some of the ideal benefits your roofing system should provide. Fortunately, all of these are within reach, thanks to the advanced shingles produced by GAF®, the country’s leading and largest roofing manufacturer. As the only GAF Master Elite™ roofing company in El Paso, TX, Smith and Ramirez Roofing is making these asphalt shingles available to you. Read more

Tips for a Smooth and Successful Roof Replacement

A roof replacement project can greatly improve your home’s weather resistance, appearance, and energy efficiency. As the top roofing company in our area, Smith and Ramirez can install high-performance roofing systems for our customers. Our roofing products will make an excellent addition to your home. Do note, however, that replacing your roof is a major home improvement project. Here are a few tips to ensure the success of your project. Read more