The Many Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems

In terms of sheer versatility, there is no other alternative that can match metal roofing. It offers a wide range of looks that fit seamlessly with various architectural styles, making it a natural choice for homeowners across the country. When you factor in its many inherent benefits, you will see that it’s a viable choice Read more

4 Roofing Materials Perfect for Texas Weather

Dream homes aren’t complete without the right roofing system to protect it from the weather. With the climate in the Lone Star State, homeowners can expect their roofs to suffer considerable abuse throughout the years. That’s why, as the area’s premier roofing company, we make it a point to provide customers with the best options suited for the local weather. Read more

Features That Set Slate Roofing Apart From the Rest

As the area’s premier roofer, Smith and Ramirez Roofing offers premier quality slate roofing. With a rich and storied history, slate has always been an ideal roofing option in the market. While it does have its fair share of setbacks, its advantages more than offset for it. Read more

Staying Within Your Roof Replacement Budget

Reroofing is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you can undertake. That said, it’s also one of the most rewarding and worthy investments. When you find the right residential roofing contractor and factor in long-term saving benefits, you can reduce costs and make roof replacement ventures easier on you and your budget. Read more

Metal Roofing: Your Residential Roofing Option

Many homeowners nowadays choose metal roofing for their homes. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is its longevity, known to last as long as fifty years or more. It also requires very little maintenance and stays consistently beautiful, even in extreme weather conditions.

Read more